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Interactive & Automated water displays

Aquatic Impact combine water displays and FX with automation and interactive elements to deliver attention grabbing, absorbing and memorable displays.

Display types:

  • Walk through water curtains, featuring sensors to detect approach and open the 'water door'.

  • Leaping water jets, overhead to create tunnels or activated/de-activated via sensor.

  • Choreographed jet/rain/mist nozzles with DMX control.

Our recent work includes:

Bosch Perfect Dry - Thames Embankment London

Secret Cinema - Casino Royale

Gabrielle Chanel Essence Campaign

Secret Cinema - Blade Runner

Tom Ford - Black Orchid Ad Campaign

IGT Stand - Excel London

Jaguar Landrover Stand - Frankfurt, Paris & Geneva

Modular Water Wall System

We developed our innovative new water wall system to enable the rapid deployment of very large water wall displays, whilst avoiding the high cost of a single use fabrication of a fixed size and specification.


  • Any length of display is achievable.

  • Any height up to 3500mm.

  • The water wall sections can be angled to follow a curve.

  • Special corner sections allow for wrapping the water wall display around fixed architecture, such as columns/pillars in certain venues.

  • The system can automatically top itself up to combat evaporation.

  • Vinyl branding can be applied behind the flowing water.

  • The use of suitable glass enables video projection on to the running water surface.

Contact us with details of your event or stand and we help you to create a crowd drawing display.

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