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Modular Pools / Tanks

Our unique modular temporary water tank system is designed for extremely rapid deployment and strike, making affordable and safe water tanks an option whichever studio or stage you are using for your production.

Water containment is assured via our twin liner system. A secondary liner is installed beneath the primary liner with a tear proof membrane separating

the two - this allows for containment even in the event the primary liner is damaged by set/stunts/action within the tank.

Benefits of our system:

  • Extremely rapid assembly times, a 1 million litre tank can be installed in a single day.

  • Any shape/size - up to 1250mm water depth.

  • Infinity/overflow edges (single or multiple sides).

  • Easy to dress outer timber structure.

  • Structurally reviewed and rated upon demand (the system itself is rated already).

  • Unique two layer liner offers double containment.

  • Water delivery, heating, filtration and dosing.

Our recent work includes:

James Bond: No Time To Die

A League of Their Own - TV show, series 7-13 (and counting!)

Their Finest - Feature Movie

Disney's Cruella - Feature Movie

The Kid Who Would Be King - Feature Movie

BBC Sports Relief

Tom Ford - Black Orchid Advertisement

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