Lets play with water!

At Aquatic Impact we design, build and manage on stage or set water displays that are guaranteed to grab attention.

TV Gameshows, Movies, Documentaries or International Events and Exhibitions, we provide reliable and proven solutions for bringing water centre stage, irrespective of scale or complexity.

It's not all show business though... Behind the scenes we are passionate about safety and reliability. We have developed pioneering mobile equipment that includes flood detection, failsafe intelligent automation and various forms of double containment.

It goes without saying that large scale water displays always grab a viewer's attention. And with Aquatic Impact onside, you can enjoy the spectacle knowing our part of your production is water tight.

We work throughout the World delivering solutions for Creative Agencies, Production & Event Companies.

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The unique 'AquaTheatre' tank. Available for use at our premises or on location. It is the largest mobile display tank in the World.

Mobile Tank

Any size or shape pool. Featuring double containment and single day build. Frequently used for TV and Exhibition.

Modular Pools

Shoot at our place in our giant tank. Used by amateurs and pro's, with rates from just £100 per hour.

Photo/Film Shoot

We design and build all types of water FX for production. Our modular rain FX system is incredibly flexible.

Rain Curtains & FX

Design & Build of wet set, flood set and underwater set. Often in collaboration with mainstream set designers and builders.

Wet Set Design

Britains Got Talent

Kick Ass 2 Shark Tank

A League of Their Own