Water Walls & Bubble Panels

We design and build water walls, water curtains and bubble panels that far exceed the size and scope of those available off the shelf.

Large scale water displays inevitably attract attention, and at shows and exhibitions, are a perfect solution to drive interest and promote your brand.

Water Walls

Water walls make a lot of sense for exhibition stand designers. A large scale water wall can cover a large area, as any other functional wall or screen might, but they do so in a captivating and dynamic manner. A water wall, is much more interesting than any other type of wall! As with all our other water displays, the success of the design relies upon elegance of design. Water should flow seamlessly, edge to edge. The delivery system at the top, and collection tank at the base, should be neatly integrated and hidden from view. Branding should 'float', seemingly unsupported, atop the flowing water surface.

We build Glass, Stainless steel, gauze and Slate water walls to any size and design. Often our displays are fully integrated with other stand structures but we can also build stand alone displays.

Glass water walls can be used to create a semi-opaque screen to divide rooms and spaces, appearing to 'slice' through conventional structures. Mirror polished stainless steel water walls create a dappled reflection of the product or audience placed in front of them. Gauze and slate water walls form a more natural, gentle display. Whatever the design requirement, whatever the brand, a water wall will justify it's presence at your event - nothing captivates like running water.

Bubble Panels & Tanks

Exhibition Water Wall
Monaco Yacht Show
12m Tall Water Wall
Feature Bubble Tank

Bubble Panels and tanks can be fabricated from glass or acrylic. Typically tanks and panels above 1m tall require acrylic construction due to the water pressure as the depth (height) increases.

Beyond the standard 'bubble curtain' type panel, we can incorporate various other effects, such as underwater mist (micro fine bubbles caught in a current), alternating water currents and varying levels of display automation. For example, a 1m cube tank displaying a product could alternate between gentle streams of mist rising up the sides of the tank, and very large jets of bubbles under and around the product.

Lighting can be fully incorporated into the display base and/or top, enabling any level of lighting effect. From simple colour cycling through to choreographed displays where the light changes in time with the type of bubbles being generated.

Product display is a natural use for a bubble panel, but they can also be used to great effect as room dividers or as branded points of interest across a stand.

Automation & Interaction

Our displays can be fully automated and linked into either show control, or publicly operated interaction points. For example, a large glass cube containing a water-proof mobile phone could upon trigger fill with water, bubble violently for 10 seconds and then drain to reset the display.

Video technologies can also be incorporated. We can build a TV screen into a bubble panel to provide an animated backdrop to the display. For larger displays projectors can be used, for example, an image projected onto the reverse of a frosted glass water wall.

Displays Built To Travel

As with all our displays, modular design and packaging allows a very large display to travel to your venue and rapidly assembled on site. Plant equipment to power and drive the displays can be remotely installed with service routed between the display and the plant area. All of our larger capacity displays feature comprehensive flood detection and extraction systems to ensure safety and containment at all times.