Flood, Wet & Underwater Set Construction

Underwater and wet set often make up the most spectacular scenes of a big production, but also are the most difficult to build. Many actually start to fail before construction is even complete.

We have a fantastic working knowledge of how materials, finish and dressing will react in wet conditions. For smaller sets we often manage the entire design & build process in house. We also work with larger set building outfits to create, modify (or repair) and assist in the operation of large sets.

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Types of wet Set

The main three types of wet set are:

  • Underwater Set. Any set construction that needs to be assembled and used underwater. Crucial elements are the framework support of the set and the sheet materials. All must be chosen so as to avoid expansion or deforming whilst submerged. Then we look at paint, final finish and dressing to ensure it will all stay in place and look natural. Everything is designed on CAD beforehand and we lean towards the use of modular systems wherever possible to allow for rapid rig & de-rig.
  • Flood Set. We can build set containment areas allowing an entire set to be flooded up to the required depth. On demand our systems can rapidly transfer the water back to a holding tank allowing for a full reset if needed. We can also work with the set designer to develop the set and method of construction to ensure everything is secure when flooded.
  • Wet Set. This is quite a broad term and covers any set that needs to get wet, but not be submerged. Generally less complex as it can be dried rapidly and does not need to survive in contact with water for extended periods.
  • For details about additional water containment and management on set please view Mobile systems, Bunded Filtration & Heating

Our Set Design Services:

  • Consultancy & Design. We can work with you to develop an idea whilst avoiding common pitfalls and flaws in design.
  • Design & Build. We can build smaller sets in-house, and Special FX elements for larger sets. We can also work alongside mainstream set builders to help design, produce and assemble specialist wet sets.
  • Tanked Set. Using our large filming tank (either at our premises or other location) we build compact set straight in to the tank. This allows us to design and test the set ahead of time and avoids the cost of a dedicated premises whilst the set is rigged. Once in place within the tank, the tank can be transported anywhere.