Temporary Modular Pools

Unique to Aquatic Impact, our pools are the safest, strongest and most flexible solution. Safe enough to use indoors or outdoors, whatever the location.

The pools can be formed in any straight sided shape, or curved (requiring manufacture of special curved parts). Typically construction and de-rig take just a single day each.

Gameshow Pool Secondary Liner
Gameshow Pool Primary Liner
Pool ready for dressing
Sports Relief Dog Pool
Indoor Carp Lake

Safe indoor/outdoor lakes. Anywhere.

As with all our work, these pools are designed to answer the safety concerns of any venue. Take a look at these facts:

  • Integral double containment The pools are double lined with a tough slice resistant membrane between the two liners. This means that even if the top liner is ripped or snagged, the lower liner is still in tact and well out of harms way.
  • Incredibly strong modular construction. We have a huge stock of uniform size timbers. These interlock and are mechanically secured to create a wall of timber 250mm thick.
  • Splash containment. The entire structure can be placed upon a flat liner, with lipped edges to create a splash containment zone (Great in shiny floor studio).
  • Splash extraction. Planning on splashing a lot? Our remote extraction pumps can sense water build up and safely displace it to a drain upto 100m away.
  • Padded sides and base. Approx 5mm of nylon padding is locked between the liners.
  • Safe, clean, clear water. Our Mobile Bunded Filtration & Heating systems perform the job of a commercial pool filter and obey the same principles of safe operation.
  • Lifeguard on call we can supply freelance lifeguards, who on request have experience in production and working in shot.

To view specific examples of our work take a look at our Case Studies.

Our displays always employ our water control and containment systems - details of which are here: Mobile Bunded Filtration & Heating.

Where can these pools be used?

Safe enough to use indoors or outdoors, whatever the location
  • Public Spaces. We can even assist with permission from the authorities by demonstrating a working knowledge of common concerns and consideration, and our belt and braces solutions to such concerns.
  • TV Studios. With miles of 415v cables and lighting running around most studio sets, you really do need to be confident the pool cannot fail or leak. The complexities of water in studios is what led us to develop the double containment system we now use on all pools.
  • Event/Exhibition. As above.
  • Sound Stages. Temporary pools for film production can be very large, and need to withstand action sequences and repeat, heavy use. Our systems can cope with this just fine.
  • Outdoor/Uneven ground. The pressure per square metre in a 1m deep pool is around 1 tonne. So easily supported by most turfed spaces. If the ground is uneven, it may require a modular deck (steel deck or scaffold and board) substructure. We can arrange this.
  • Long term use. Our construction method is incredibly strong, so is able to cope with the effects of weathering during long term outdoor use. We can also adapt the design for permanent installation.