Rain and Water effects

We have the kit to create, control and contain just about any form of water FX

Good water FX can make a scene great, or be a truly magnetic attraction at a show. We can do all that, and we can do it neatly. We have creative bits of kit and solutions to pull off just about any trick, and leave the space around it dry and safe.

Large scale rain curtain and mist displays are fully customisable for your event or exhibition. We recently designed and built a huge display, an 8m x 8m x 8m 'cube' of weather for the International Auto Show circuit.

Rain Through 'Window'
Automated Rain Curtain & Mist
Rain & Mist at Paris Auto Show
Flood, drain, repeat. 5min reset time.

What can we do with water?

The short answer is 'just about anything', and many productions specifically want something entirely new and imaginative. But here are some general examples:

  • Rain, indoor or out. From artful drizzle to catastrophic downpour. We can ruin the weather anywhere.
  • Analog & Digital Rain Curtains. Stunning displays from tiny to huge. Our rain curtains are surefire attention grabbers at any exhibition.
  • Mist. By adapting giant greenhouse climate systems we can thread our modular mist system through just about any set. Real water mist is far superior to 'fogger' as water mist is much denser, and will form droplets. In short, it's real mist.
  • Flooding. Sometimes you need to flood the same set several times, quickly. Our systems are man enough to move and manage massive quantities of water. for full details of flood sets plese see here: Flood & Wet Set Construction
  • Bubbles. Our iBlow mobile air station can provide on demand massive quantities of compressed air. And the onboard compressors are quick to replenish the supply. This system can be linked up to our remote control valves and spread air to any number of hidden outlets. We can even make our giant tank boil and then turn completely white: Click for video
  • Sludge/Slime/Horror FX. Our portable diaphragm pump kits will move just about any liquid, at just about any speed. the supply is routed to the correct spot using thin flexible hose and remote operated on cue.
  • System Failure FX. Bursting pipes, hissing steam valves and other small scale visuals for effect and drama. We have a great workshop which we have used to build and modify all sorts of set pieces and props
  • Underwater lighting. Custom lighting FX that will operate reliably. We can even modify and retrofit old antique light fittings with flickering LED lamps to operate safely in underwater set scenes.

Water Management on Set & Stage

We have the kit to create, control and contain just about any form of water FX

Water FX and wet scenes can cause be a headache for Production Managers. Most effects are either on or off, but anything with liquid tends to hang around, make a mess and certainly prevents a quick reset. But it doesn't have to be like that. By involving us early on we can suggest adaptations to the set to offer the most controlled environment for the inclusion of liquid effects. We know what materials will last when soaked, and still appear dry. We can even tank an entire set or create rapid draining control areas and splash zones.

Control is as important as containment. Knowing how to create blanket effects that are accurately produced within frame needs the right sort of pumps, nozzle arrays and control gear. Liquid effects such as sludge/slime or coloured water can also cause problems if the wrong mix is used. By applying our experience, ingenuity and purpose built systems, we can make it all neater, easier and most importantly look fantastic.

Health & Safety is always at the top of our agenda. The fallout from certain types of water effect can easily spread and planning things such as lighting and power routing in advance can pay dividends and potentially even avoid an outright dangerous situation. We can assist with all stages of planning and Risk Assessment so that you know, with confidence, that someone with years of experience working with water and power is happy all reasonable measures are in place - and that the effects will be reliable and safe.

For details about additional water containment and management on set please view Mobile systems, Bunded Filtration & Heating