Mobile Bunded Filtration & Heating

We're proud to be pioneers of the best mobile filter systems available - designed specifically for the demands of hectic production environments. We have adopted and applied various technologies to ensure that our plumbing, filtration, ancillary and control gear is as safe as possible.

Why? Because safety and reliability is of paramount importance.

We deal with large volumes of water, and water is a powerful and potentially dangerous element. Our policy is to always ask 'what if'? and then build in a fail-safe or form of additional containment. Unchecked leaks can cause water to escape silently, spread quickly and reach ground lighting, power cables and data lines.

Overview of a bunded iPump mobile filter station

The various safety systems we have developed all come together in a single package, in the form of our iPump mobile filter stations. Designed to offer an all in one intelligent solution to pumping, filtering and heating water in any vessel they are hooked up too.

Partially Assembled iPump Station
iPump Station operating at BBC
  • Full containment with a 100% capacity bund. If any component on the pump station fails and water escapes, it is safely contained within the pump station.
  • Backup pump installed. If the primary pump fails, a flick of a switch will swap to the backup pump.
  • Flood sensors. Used to monitor the area within, and without the bunded enclosure and will perform various actions if it detects a loss of water.
  • iPump logic control. Upon detecting a leak at a given location, the system will carry out a number of actions: Audible alarm, Silent alarm, Start evac pump, Shut down entire system, Partial shut down. Or any combination of these actions as appropriate.
  • Evac pump control. The system can monitor water levels of any body of water and trigger an evac pump if levels drop above, or below a pre-set point.
  • Failsafe design. All components are designed to fail in the safest state and where required twin control circuits are used to ensure that if one fails, the other performs the required action.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). In the event of a leak it is possible power could be lost to the pump station. Our iPump control will switch to emergency low voltage power and carry out a controlled shutdown and isolation of connected water bodies.
  • Automated isolating valves. During shut down the inlet and outlet connections to the filter station are closed automatically. This ensures that water cannot flow/siphon into the bunded enclosure if a fault has been detected.

The easiest way to think of the iPump mobile filter station is as complete swimming pool filter on wheels. Built specifically for mobile use, and fully bunded so as to allow safe operation in a production environment such as a TV studio or Exhibition Venue.

General Water Control Systems

Why? Because safety and reliability is of paramount importance.

By using level, flood, pressure and flow sensors we design and build mobile systems that can be applied to just about any aquatic installation and will vastly improve control and ensure the safest possible operation.

  • Aquatic Impact Fill/Flood Control A compact IP rated control box that can be deployed anywhere. The box receives a 16a power supply which it splits between a pair of power outlets. It also has a pair of level sensors. It can be configured to turn off an attached pump if the water level is too high or too low, it can also turn on an attached evacuation pump if the level is too high, and switch the pump back off when the level returns to safe limits. This piece of kit has a huge variety of uses when leaving any pumped water system in operation unattended. The level sensors can even be swapped for flood sensors, allowing the box to swap power states if it detects even a few mm of water in a containment area. The box also contains a visual/audible switchable alarm.
  • Aquatic Impact Inline Extraction Kit. This self contained kit contains an inline diaphragm pump capable of pulling water from one area, and pushing it to another, even if the distance is 100m between the two. Unlike a normal pump it can run dry, does not require priming and can suck out water down to a level of just 1mm. a typical usage scenario would be to install the suction hose within a lined containment area (say, a splash zone on a TV game show) and in conjunction with our Fill/flood control, the extraction kit would suck out any spilled water and send it to the nearest drain point.
  • Custom Solutions. Whatever the scenario we can package our control and containment technologies into a system to suit. All our custom build water displays feature various forms of control. We also offer a consultation service to assess and find solutions for existing displays that are in operation.