Affordable Underwater Film/Photo Shoot

When not on the road, our giant mobile tank, the 'AquaTheatre' is available for use at our facility near Peterborough.

Our tank - The 'AquaTheatre'

We offer this service due to high demand for affordable alternatives to fully equipped mainstream underwater studios. We keep the tank filled, filtered and heated at our premises. Each year around 50 shoots take place, ranging from amatuer photo shoots to film shoots for mainstream TV and Film.

Tank At Our Facility
Crystal Clear Water
Product Shots
Inverted Shot
Flooded Ship Scene
Reflection Shot
Photo Shoot
Make-up Area
Glamour Shoot
Close Up

Tank Facts:

  • No need for underwater lights and camera, you can shoot straight through the super clear tank windows.
  • Dimensions are 5.8m long, 1.9m tall, 2.2m deep.
  • The tank is filtered by a huge swimming pool quality filter system, ensuring crystal clear water for your shoot.
  • The water is maintained at 32 degrees celsius. At this temperature those working in the tank don't burn energy to keep warm and skin tones look more natural.
  • Sanitisation is achieved via UV filtration and a low level of chlorine.
  • We have various coloured rigid backdrops available and can arrange custom backdrops and printed backdrops if required.
  • Underwater sound can be provided, this is very popular for music videos. It is also possible to talk to and direct artists working underwater from outside the tank.
  • We have diving belts, weights, harnesses and pulley systems available for more demanding scenes.
  • We can build set into the tank interior.
  • We can arrange local lifeguard attendance.
  • Our staff are on hand to assist and coach people working in the tank, including breathing technique.

What sort of production is the tank used for?

Each year around 50 shoots take place, ranging from amatuer photo shoots to film shoots for mainstream TV and Film

Over the years we have become very familiar with the typical requirements for most types of shoot. The list is almost endless, but here are some very common uses:

  • Photo Shoot, fashion, swimwear, glamour.
  • Artistic sequences for film and TV.
  • Action sequences for film and TV.
  • Mermaid shoots.
  • Group Photographer shoots/Experience days.
  • Docu/Drama scenes, often with the tank interior dressed or full set construction.
  • Product launch reel - IE underwater devices and waterproof technology.
  • Live feed over IP to pop-up promo event, interactive event etc.
  • Various short blue/green screen sequences.
  • Music Videos - with underwater audio to allow miming.

What is the cost?

The starting rate for tank use is £125 p/h+vat for the duration of your shoot (minimum 4 hours). In addition to this we offer additional cost services such as rigid backdrops rigged ready for use, underwater sound system and various other equipment to suit your requirement. The best thing to do is Contact us early on with the details of the proposed shoot. We can normally offer an initial quote straight away in order to get the ball rolling.

Videos shot in the tank at our premises:

Luka State - Can't Help Myself

Room 94 Music Video

Arcane Roots - If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves

Ada Zanditon - Fashion Week