Giant Mobile Film Tank - The 'AquaTheatre'

This is the largest portable open windowed tank in the World. As such, it's extremely popular for any sort of production in which making a big statement matters. It's featured in many major TV shows, Films and Events over the years. We estimate over 200m people globally have seen the tank.

In 2012 the tank was featured in Britain's Got Talent, with the fantastic 'Aquabatique' Synchronised swimmers, who made it all the way to the final. The swimmers were the first major outdoor act, and since then, every year other outdoor acts have featured. This is perhaps a good indication of the impact such a unique (and huge) display can provide.

Whatever your production, from a simple location based film shoot to a world class live event, we can work with you to ensure you don't just have the best tank in the business - but also the best team to support it.

Tank Facts:

Tank Arrives on Site
Nivea Event - London
Stella McCartney Fashion Week
Robotic Penguins in Germany
  • No need for underwater lights and camera, you can shoot straight through the super clear tank windows
  • Dimensions are 5.8m long, 1.9m tall, 2.2m deep
  • The tank is filtered by a huge swimming pool quality filter system, ensuring crystal clear water for your shoot (see images above)
  • The water is heated to around 32 degrees celsius. At this temperature those working in the tank don't burn energy to keep warm and skin tones look more natural
  • Sanitisation is achieved via UV filtration and a low level of chlorine
  • Underwater sound can be provided, this is very popular for music videos
  • We have diving belts, weights, harnesses and pulley systems available for more demanding scenes
  • We can build set into the tank interior
  • We can arrange local lifeguard attendance
  • Our staff are on hand to assist and coach people working in the tank, including breathing technique

To view specific examples of our work take a look at our Case Studies.

Our tank hires always employ our water control and containment systems - details of which are here: Mobile Bunded Filtration & Heating.

Where can the tank go?

Virtually anywhere with solid, flat ground capable of supporting 2000kg per square metre. This includes almost all studios, sound stages and exhibition centres. It can also be set up outdoors, as is common for pop-up type events and temporary activations in public spaces. Some highlights have been:

  • A number of high profile photoshoots, the tank has been transported to various London photographic studios for fashion & swimwear shoots
  • Several 'pop-up' type activations, Press Stunt, Product Launch/Promo
  • Mainstream TV Game Shows, Documentaries, Drama & Live TV
  • It was the Shark Tank in Kick Ass 2
  • Exhibitions & Events around the World. Pretty much any stand employing the tank will attract a very large crowd.
  • Location based underwater film shoots, showing just a dressed tank interior as opposed to the exterior as 'a tank'

What is the cost?

The cost tends to vary depending on the specific requirements for each production. Transport, staffing and schedule all need to be considered along with other logistical demands such as power, water and drainage. We have tried and tested solutions for all requirements, and can provide an outline quote typically within a few hours. The best thing to do is Contact us with regard to your production in the early stages, so we can ensure the most cost effective solution.